Welcome to Daisys Jewels & Crafts - A world of art & craft at your fingertips

Daisys Jewels & Crafts offer a complete range of arts and craft products which you are unlikely to find in the UK high street stores. We scour the globe for some of the most fascinating and appealing craft ideas and then deliver them directly to you at highly competitive prices.

We started our own business selling craft products as an evening hobby back in 2008 when the children were young, selling on ebay and other websites. However, as trade grew steadily over the next 2 years, it began to warrant it's own dedicated home. So in 2010, Daisy's Jewels & Crafts was introduced as a specialist supplier of on-line art & craft products.

With an extensive group of suppliers, our own experience and thorough knowledge of the market, we can offer the same individual service with quality products at highly competitive prices, offering superb value and hours of interest at a time when people are looking for activities which need not cost a fortune.

If you are looking for specific products which may not be featured on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to find it amongst our reliable group of suppliers. Please spend some time browsing our catalogues of intriguing and fun products and why not leave us a comment? We like to improve our services and product ranges regularly, always looking to improve and develop our offerings.

Enjoy and thanks for visiting our site.